I'm a ham radio operator. I became interested in electronics in elementary school because of my interest in music. I wanted to build my own stereo equipment. That led to an interest in radio. While several of my high school friends got their amateur radio licenses, I got commercial tickets—first, a Third Class Radiotelephone Operator License with a Broadcast Endorsement and, then, a First Class Radiotelephone Operator License. My friends were on the air with 75 W Novice rigs while I was running a 50 kW AM broadcast transmitter and a 100 kW UHF TV transmitter.

I never bothered to get an amateur license until my son William became interested in ham radio. I took the test with him on his first try to encourage him. He didn't pass that time, but I did and became KB3CHJ, a no-code tech. Within two months, I went for my present vanity call. Eventually, William passed his Tech exam. He's now KB3GHE. I upgraded to Extra at the same test session.

My Interests

I am active in Scouting, and I have served as the Jamboree On the Air coordinator for our local District and as the Advisor for a ham radio Venture Crew. Recently, I was appointed as the ARRL Assistant Section Manager for Maryland/DC with the task of improving the ties between the League and our local Scouting Councils.

If you are a Maryland or DC Scout or Scouter interested in ham radio (or a ham interested in Scouting), please click on the Contact Me tab and let me know who you are and how you might pitch in.

When I'm on the air, I'm probably operating QRP, although I have been known to turn on my Omni VI for contests. The Omni VI was the first radio in what is now becoming a TenTec collection.

What's Going On Now

I'm currently rebuilding my antenna farm and shack. The eventual goals include getting some sort of HF beam up along with several more wire antennas, and improving the installation of the 6 m beam. In the shack I'm plan to have dedicated operating positions for QRO (that's 100 W for me), for HF digital modes, VHF/UHF, and multiple QRP rigs. Meanwhile, I'm on HF with one of my portable antennas and a K2.

wjjhoge.com and wjjhoge.net are servicemarks of W. J. J. Hoge.